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400% Profit Surge: Lions Water Park’s Success with TicketingHub Waterpark Ticketing Software

Are you tired of searching for the perfect online booking system for your water park? Look no further than TicketingHub!

Say goodbye to time-consuming processes and hello to happier customers and streamlined efficiency.

Uncover how Lions Water Adventure Park achieved a 400% boost in ticket sales in just one year. Join us in this case study and discover how you can transform your water park experience today!
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Πάρκο περιπέτειας νερού του λιονταριού

Located in Kinston, North Carolina, Lions Water Adventure Park is celebrated as a "roaring must-visit" destination. The park has fun stuff like water slides, a lazy river, a splash pad, and a 25-yard competition pool. Families can relax in spacious picnic areas.

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To Reach More and Do More

Η πρόκληση

Despite its popularity, Lions Water Adventure Park faced several challenges:

  • Need to attract more out-of-state visitors to boost revenue.
  • Sought to enhance customer service to ensure guests return.
  • Required a park management software to handle numerous bookings simultaneously without hassle.

Smart Ticketing Software Solutions

Η λύση

showing booking widget software interface of ticketinghub on the lions water adventure park booking website
Lions Water Adventure Park now sells tickets online directly through their website, powered by TicketingHub's mobile-ready booking widget.

The park chose TicketingHub’s booking system and software for water parks to streamline operations.

  • Direct Online Booking: With TicketingHub's waterpark software for hassle-free ticket sales. Which also accepts multiple currencies. So now they sell season passes through multiple sales channels via OTAs.
  • Guest Self-Service: Added the magic link, letting guests change, reschedule, or cancel on their own.
  • Enhanced Guest Communication: Automated booking confirmations and reminders help guests stay informed.
  • Efficient Management Tools: Has a mobile-accessible booking system. It lets management control bookings from anywhere.


google reviews of the lions water adventure park, reviews show how guests love the fun water adventure
There are now visitors from all over the country coming to Lions Water Adventure Park to enjoy exhilarating water slides and fun-filled aquatic attractions.

The Results

Lions Water Adventure Park reaped the benefits of TicketingHub.

  • Profits soared to $260,000 in 2021, up from $50,000 in 2020.
  • A big jump in ticket sales, more so from out-of-state visitors, as reported by The Free Press.
  • Improved data collection through TicketingHub provides deeper insights into customer preferences and behaviors.

Key Lessons?

  • Lions Water Adventure Park dramatically increased its profitability and operational efficiency with TicketingHub.
  • Proved the power of tech in transforming business outcomes in tourism and leisure.

Sell Water Park Tickets Online with TicketingHub!

software interface of ticketinghub, showing dashboard of calendar, sales report and staff access

Make it easier to book and sell tickets at your water park with TicketingHub! We're here to make your life easier by providing an online booking solution.  

Why Choose TicketingHub?

  • Cloud-Based Platform: Access from anywhere.
  • One Comprehensive System: Streamline inventory management and all operations.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Manage on the go across mobile devices.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Insights for informed decisions.
  • Group Bookings: Handle large groups easily.
  • Ticketing Options: Cater to diverse guest needs.
  • Point of Sale Integration: Simplify retail operations.
  • Special Pricing & Discounts: Attract more visitors.
  • Waiver Management: Streamline legal processes.
  • Gift Shop Integration: Enhance merchandise sales.
  • Easy Management: Coordinate staff and resources.
  • Training Modules: Equip your team efficiently.

Why Use Waterpark Management Software?

  • Save Time: Our user-friendly interface and efficient booking tools, like the magic link and auto-reminders, help save time and make booking easier.
  • Boost Online Presence: Elevate your online visibility with our smart customer review funnel, proven to enhance your digital footprint and attract more visitors.
  • Cost-effective: Enjoy a low cost of just 3% per booking with no monthly fees. This pay-as-you-earn model is far more affordable compared to other systems who charge flat monthly fees plus higher transaction fees.

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Find out how TicketingHub can better manage your theme parks. Visit our website to see our features and read success stories. Learn how our ticket sales software for water parks can streamline your operations. And see how it can boost your profitability.

Let TicketingHub guide you to a more successful water park business.

Take the plunge with TicketingHub! Book your free demo now. Enhance the guest experience and boost your bottom line.

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